Review: Gehwol Soft Feet Cream

Gehwol is a German skincare brand dedicated mostly to feet. Nordstrom recently started carrying it and I am all about a good foot cream, so I ordered this generously-sized tube for $32. It contains hyaluronic acid, milk, honey, urea, and glycerin, which seems like it should be an effective cocktail for softening the skin and keeping calluses and flakies at bay.  The packaging is a bit drugstore-esque for the price you pay - I wish it felt a bit more luxurious.  When you squeeze some out, it's of medium viscosity and bright white in color. There is no apparent scent to me. It doesn't feel particularly rich or creamy. Again, a bit disappointing - I prefer my foot creams to be thick. On application, it takes a bit of working into the skin to get it to absorb, but eventually it does make the skin feel soft and sleek. For a little while, at least: my biggest complaint about this cream is that it doesn't last very long. My feet start to feel dry again in just a few hours. With that low effectiveness, this just doesn't do it for me. I don't think I'll even finish the tube because there are much better options out there. A shame, and very disappointing, from a company touting its feet expertise.


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