Review: R+Co Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner

It kind of figures that soon after I write a blog post proclaiming that cleansing conditioners are not for me, I would find one that I really like. This R+Co product actually does what it says: it cleans the hair without stripping it of moisture. I find that when I use this, I can wash my usual every other day and my hair does not feel greasy on the second day. This has not been the case with any other cleansing conditioner I've tried. I think the texture is cool, too. It isn't exactly foaming. It's denser than that, coming out of the dispenser in a thick gel that is easy to work through the hair. It rinses out easily and has a light, sweetly fresh scent. With all of those pros, I am pained to point out one dealbreaking con: the price. This costs a whopping $29 for a tiny 6 oz bottle. There was enough for me to use this for 2 weeks and then it ran out. There is absolutely no way I would be willing to buy 2 of these per month. That is just insane. It's nice, but certainly not life-changing.


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