Review: Paul & Joe Eyebrow Powder Duo in 01

Filling in my brows is the single most important part of my make-up routine. If I have no time for anything else, I do my brows because it makes the biggest difference to my looks. A well-groomed brow adds polish and frames your whole face. This makes the choice of brow product very important, and it's also highly individual. What works best for me and what I have used for many years, always coming back to it, is this Paul and Joe Brow Powder. In my opinion, the most difficult thing to get right with your choice of brow product is the color. It can be very challenging to find something that looks natural. I recommend determining the tone of your brows - are they warm or cool? - and then finding something in that tone, but lighter than your natural hair color. I only use the dark, ashy color in this duo because it is the absolutely most perfect fit for me that I've ever found. I'm ok with one side not being used because one of these will last me probably 3 years. I am not kidding. That's with daily use, as well.
 In terms of the powder itself, it's a bit of a "wet" feeling powder, which makes it very effective at clinging to the hair and lasting throughout the day. I also find it blends nicely when I brush it out with a brow comb. Some people prefer a gel, or a pencil, or some combination of any of the 3 options. I like powder best because I think it looks the most natural on me.

If this sounds like something you want to try, I recommend buying it at Beauty Habit, which is one of my favorite retailers because of their generous samples and frequent discount codes (not affiliated, just a fan). The refill for the powder itself costs $21. If you want an adorable case to put it in like I have, that'll run you another $10.


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