Review: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Rosa Pop

Rosa Pop is a Guerlain travel exclusive from 2016. That means they only sold it at duty free shops. However, as often happens, eventually it made its way to perfume discounters and now you don't need to fly anywhere to buy it. I purchased it because of some rave reviews and because I was able to find it for a mere $30.
Rosa Pop is lovely to look at with Guerlain's signature Aqua Allegoria bottle with its classic dome and pretty pink juice. If you didn't know the name or the notes, just looking at it you'd guess it was a rose fragrance.  However, I find it only vaguely rosy in odor. When I first spray, I smell some waxy red berries and a bit of rose in the top notes.  I get more peony in the middle, but the drydown gets a bit weird. You know that plastic dollhead smell from childhood?  Some people love it, but personally it does not ring my bell. That is the overwhelming scent that I get from the drydown of this perfume, though. Plastic dollhead with a hint of cherry.
In terms of longevity, this is fair for an Aqua Allegoria, which trend pretty light and fleeting. I get about 3 hours of wear before I can't smell it any longer.
I will probably be listing this one on ebay now that I'm through testing because I can't see myself wanting to wear it much. However, if you like that dollhead note, I'd check this one out.


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