Review: Dr. Jart+ All That Contours Mask

This concludes my Dr. Jart+ sheet mask sampling frenzy, and I have to say that overall I am not terribly impressed with the line. This contouring mask's main ingredient is caffeine, so it has a temporary firming effect on the skin. It did work as advertised, though it was an odd experience to wear, having loops that you hook around the ears for the bottom half. These pull it very tight to the skin, so much so that my cheeks felt smushed. I don't see the point of that, especially as the skin goes back to normal when you take the mask off. It's also an odd experience because the mask feels dry and silicone-y. I know that the active ingredients are infused into the mask, but it is hard to see them being absorbed by the skin with this kind of delivery.  Overall, I can't recommend this even though I did see  a minor improvement from the caffeine. It retails for $7.50 if you want to try it anyway. For a better caffeine-based firming mask, look no further than this one from Peter Thomas Roth.
For my other reviews of Dr. Jart+, here is one of the Pore Minimalist mask, the Water Replenishment mask, the Brightening Infusion mask, and Pore Master patch.


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