Review: Bond No. 9 Queens Body Silk

I saw this stuff on ebay for an insanely discounted price and I could not resist. The packaging is sumptuous, with a heavy glass jar and shiny, weighty gold lid. (Bond charges $115 for it, so it had better look nice.)  The "silk" appears thick and creamy in the jar. I was expecting a rich body cream that had moisturizing properties. If I had read the ingredients before I tried it, I would have known better. There is a ridiculous amount of dimethicone in this. It's the second ingredient. It feels like silicone primer. When applied, it glides on the skin and has slight smoothing properties but mainly it seems to be a vehicle for applying the scent, which is based on Bond's Queens perfume. It does not moisturize the skin at all. For the scent, I own Queens EDP, and this is more like a cousin to it than a sibling. The base notes predominate. I smell sandalwood, benzoin, and amber with a hint of bergamot and white flowers, which come together in a very pleasant effect to my nose. Conspicuously absent is any cardamom, however, which is a signature part of the EDP. Overall, I'm disappointed in it and would not buy a Bond Body Silk again. I just don't see much use for something that looks like lotion but feels more like silicone perfume.


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