Review: Tocca Florence Eau de Parfum

I cannot tell you how often I've tried to love various Tocca perfumes. I love the bottles, I love the notes that they purport to contain, and I love the branding of this line in general. Inevitably, though, the fragrances themselves have failed to win me over. This mini bottle of Florence was a gift with purchase from Beautyhabit and I've been using it frequently so as to give it a thorough test. Florence is so close to a win for me, but it just falls down in execution. The main problem is that it is gardenia-centric. I have never really found a gardenia note in perfume that I like. They always pale in comparison to a real gardenia, coming off as shallow and insipid. This one is no exception. I get a blast of sweet, fake gardenia in the opening that is faintly underlaid with violet. It unfortunately takes on an aquatic tinge shortly into the drydown that makes me sneeze. This effect persists for hours, and it gets sharply, generically floral, as well. I wish the scent were as complex as the description implies. It *should* have a fruity opening, allegedly involving bergamot, pear, apple, and grapefruit leaves.  It's also supposed to have iris, "blonde" wood, and musk. I say to all of this: nope.


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