Review: Jo Malone Star Magnolia Limited Edition Cologne

Magnolia is seemingly a perfect focus for a Jo Malone perfume. Its airy delicacy is well-suited to Jo Malone's sheer, light compositions. I'm kind of surprised there is no magnolia-based fragrance in the permanent line. If they ever do roll one out, though, I sincerely hope it is better composed than this limited edition Star Magnolia. There is not much magnolia in this cologne at all, and it's certainly not any kind of ode to the note. The composition to my nose reads mainly lemon and neroli. It's a pretty astringent combination and was sort of jarring when I expected a sweet, fragile magnolia note. It evolves into a slightly soapy musk that is unsurprising in this line, but also unexciting. Jo Malone could have done so much more with this release, and they seemed to be relying more on packaging and the limited edition nature to generate demand than quality of fragrance. I know several people who bought a bottle without even trying it because if you buy it in a Jo Malone boutique, they give you a pretty paper magnolia to go with it. To my mind, that's a lot of money to throw away on a paper magnolia if you don't like the fragrance.


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