Review: Darphin Predermine Firming Serum

If you want fast results against sagging skin or wrinkles, reach for a peptide serum. It won't give you lasting firmness if you stop using it, of course, but for day to day perking-upping, you can't beat peptides.  Of course, it's nice if said serum also has more longlasting anti-agers like antioxidants or retinol. This serum from Darphin has a whole slew of botanical extracts that I don't think do much, but its key ingredient is a healthy peptide cocktail.  I use it daily underneath my moisturizer and it does the job, giving me a nice, smooth skin surface.
Here is the thing, though: I wouldn't buy it again. For one thing, the retail price is ridiculous: $176 for a tiny 1 oz bottle. For another, I want more from my serum. I want some fresh, juicy antioxidants to work their magic against the sun and reverse damage. This doesn't impress on that front. My last complaint is minor but enough of a turnoff to some people that I should mention it: this serum is perfumed. I'm not a fan of scented skincare and this is a rather obnoxious floral. Fortunately, it doesn't linger long, but it may irritate some.  There are better options out there. My personal favorite so far is this one by Dr. Dennis Gross.


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