Review: Bobbi Brown Instant Long-Wear Makeup Remover

I try to minimize my use of makeup remover because to my mind, my cleanser routine ought to clean my face thoroughly - including of makeup. And usually, my makeup is minimal enough that this works. If I wear a waterproof mascara or a particularly tenacious eyeliner, however, I need something extra. This Bobbi Brown makeup remover is oil-based and gets off everything. You need to shake it up to emulsify, then I wet a cotton pad liberally with it, and swipe across malingering makeup. You don't have to scrub your skin to make it work. I have a complaint, though. It's quite uncomfortable on the eyes because of the oil content. If I use this, I need to basically jump in the shower right after because it makes my eyes sting, my lashes feel heavy and full of oil, and it seems to migrate everywhere. For that reason, I won't be re-buying it when I finish the bottle.  If you think that won't bother you, then I do recommend this makeup remover. A 100 ml bottle retails for $28.


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