Review: Arcona Mineral Magic Hydrating Spray

Thanks to skincare guru Caroline Hirons, I have a bit of an obsession with toners and face mists. When I saw this one from Arcona, I had to try it because the ingredients list is weird and different. Antioxidants?  Check - it has green tea. Also chlorophyll. Hydrating element?  Check - well, it's mostly water, but Arcona has eschewed the most popular humectant, hyaluronic acid, and instead gone with sodium PCA, a lesser known option with similar effects. Weird and trendy unproven ingredients?  Check- colloidal silver and copper. You won't doubt that those last two are in there because they settle at the bottom and you've got to shake it before you use it.
 I used this in two ways: sprayed onto a cotton pad and swiped all over my face after cleansing, and misted onto the face after applying makeup to set it. I like it more for the latter than the former. When you apply it on freshly cleansed skin, it has an unpleasant stinging effect - I'm not sure which ingredient is responsible for that, but it's not what I want to feel in a skincare product that is not meant to have an exfoliating effect. When I spritz it over makeup, my skin is shielded by other products and it doesn't sting. And it works fine for that function.  Here's the thing, though: that's not what this product is meant to do. I could use plain water to set my makeup. I'm paying for all sorts of skin-benefiting ingredients - $38 for a 2 oz bottle - that may as well not be there if I have to use this product over other things.


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