Review: Yuni Shower Sheets

There are few feelings I hate more than being dirty or sweaty and having no access to a shower. I work very long days, and right around hour 8, when most people would normally be headed home, I usually still have 4-5 hours of work left. I have often wished for a shower in my office just to have a quick refresh before buckling back down to work. Similarly, how often have you sat on a long plane ride and felt absolutely icky towards the end?  So when I saw these Yuni shower sheets at Sephora, promising to "cleanse, refresh, and deodorize", I thought it sounded too good to be true, but at $15 for a box of 12 individually wrapped sheets, it was a low-cost gamble.

After using a few of them, I have concluded that these are basically baby wipes with lots of plant extracts and essential oils added. They smell fresh and pleasant, but they certainly do not make you feel as though you've just had a shower, nor do they deodorize particularly well. Moreover, the essential oils make these unsafe and unwise to use on sensitive parts.  Definitely a disappointment, though I did mostly expect them to be incapable of living up to the ad type. I will probably take my remaining wipes on my next flight or two because they are better than nothing, but I would not recommend these over a basic drugstore wipe.


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