Review: Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Restyling Mist

Holy grail hair product here, folks. I have curly hair that dries out easily, so I try to only wash it every other day. That means I need styling options for the dreaded second-day hair. This product is absolutely essential for me. It is slightly thicker than water because it has soy and silk protein in it. I find this to be excellent at smoothing roughed up hair follicles and taming frizz. I spray it all over the crown of my head and also hit the ends. Then, I reshape my curls as needed. There is no need to drench the head but you do need to get enough on there to make the hair pliable. Easy peesy. Topping it all off, it has the most luscious jasmine scent that will last for a few hours wafting around your head.
The only infuriating thing, though, is that Oscar Blandi appears to have discontinued this product.  I stocked up by buying 6 bottles on ebay, which is where I'd recommend you look if you'd like to try it.


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