Review: A Lab on Fire What We Do in Paris Is Secret Eau de Parfum

Fittingly for a fragrance with so many words in its name, What We Do in Paris Is Secret has a lot going on. When you spray it on, be careful: the bottles this company uses pack a punch in the sprayer. I find one spritz ample with this sillage monster. It opens with a blast of honeyed rose and heliotrope. Those notes stick around for quite a while, and well into the drydown they subside a bit in favor of tolu, vanilla, and sandalwood. The effect in the drydown is one of creamy, sweet, rose and gentle resins. Very, very far into the drydown, the vanilla is predominant with a hint of rose remaining. For all that What We Do in Paris Is Secret has a strong presence, it's never brash or high-pitched. The lasting power is impressive and it will linger all day and night if you don't shower it off.
It is also reasonably priced for a niche perfume: $110 for a 60 ml bottle.


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