Review: Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Mask

This is unlike any charcoal mask I've ever encountered before, and I like it better than any charcoal mask I've used. Most charcoal masks come in a pot and you apply a thin layer to your skin, let it dry, and then peel or wash it off. The idea is that the charcoal sticks to any gunk in your pores and takes it away when you remove it. However, with these types of charcoal masks I think my skin either gets irritated or not all of the sediment gets removed, because I inevitably break out when I use them.
What Dr. Jart+ has done is infuse the charcoal into a sheet mask. It's very comfortable to wear. Actually, the addition of the charcoal makes the mask less creepily clingy and more substantial, so I found it very pleasant to leave on for 15 minutes (in comparison to most other sheet masks, which make me shudder and cringe a bit as I apply them). It has glycerin and some botanical extracts, as well. I had a few blackheads that this took care of nicely and I experienced no irritation or breakouts. It gets a thumbs up!  Available from Sephora for $7.50 individually or $35 for a box of 5.


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