Review: Sephora Orchid Face Mask

This was the last of my Sephora sheet mask testing. If you've read my other posts on these masks, you'll know I was disappointed in most of these. The Rose mask was the one exception. So, I didn't have very high hopes for the Orchid mask, It purports to be "anti-aging and smoothing."  Ok, I can use some of that. However, it did absolutely bupkiss for my skin. It has the usual base ingredients as all of the other Sephora sheet masks: glycerin, broccoli extract, and rice extract. Its "extras" are sodium hyaluronate, which is a common moisturizing ingredient in anti-aging serums, and orchid extract, which doesn't really have any proven benefits at all. I found it to be mildly moisturizing, but after I removed the mask and the let the stuff dry on my face, I felt I needed to apply moisturizer. I saw no difference whatsoever in my skin immediately after removing the mask or the morning after.  Save your $6 and skip this one.


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