Review: Kat Burki Cucumber Balancing Elixir

I am a toner junkie. I love spritzing or patting various toner-like substances onto my face before getting to the more serious skincare. I just find that it's a very satisfying ritual and seems to make the rest of my skincare process easier/more effective. There is a wide range of products that you could classify as toner. For me, a toner could be something as simple as rosewater or as complex as this mist from Kat Burki.  But it must be a liquid and mistable.

The Balancing Elixir has a very nice assortment of skin-friendly ingredients. They come in a glass bottle with a quality feel and a sturdy sprayer. Top of the list is water (naturally), along with aloe and colloidal silver. Going farther down the list, you get cucumber, lavender, and an antioxidant brew that includes vitamin C. Very low on the list is glycolic acid, though I would note it's probably not enough to really have any kind of exfoliating effect. It also has a minuscule amount of oil in it and I wish they'd just skipped it because when you store this in a cool place, the oil separates and forms unfortunate white blobs floating at the top that are rather unappealing. You can warm it up and shake it to emulsify them again, but who wants to bother with that?

To use, I spritz about 10x onto a cotton pad and swipe all over my face. You can also spritz directly onto the face if that's your preference.  Then I follow with my serums and moisturizer and sunscreen. It has a lovely feel on the skin and smells very spa-like with a fresh, fruity cucumber aroma.  I've quite enjoyed using it.  However, I wouldn't repurchase. Even though I do think this is a nice product, for $65 a bottle, I do not want to have to mess with separating ingredients.  If you'd like to try this out, I purchased mine at SpaceNK.


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