Review: Karuna Flawless Skin Kit

This is a fantastic bargain set and if you enjoy face masks and see it available on Karuna's website or Sephora, you should snatch it up.  It is a fantastic way to try their line. Some masks worked better for me than others, but considering they sell individual masks for $8 each and there are 7 masks in here for about $40, it is a great deal. The set includes the following:

  • Age defying face mask + undereye melting boost: the "boost" accessories that come with some Karuna masks are meant to be intense doses of the more active ingredients in the masks that you can apply to problem areas under the mask. I didn't get much out of the under eye ones. The mask itself was soothing and moisturizing. It has several flower extracts, and aloe is a top ingredient.
  • Brightening face mask + melting boost: this boost is one you apply to sun spots or scars that you want to fade. As you might imagine, a one-time use for something like this is not effective. I did get a brightening effect from the mask, which has a potent cocktail of hyaluronic acid, fruit extracts, and niacinamide. Also a bit of salicyclic acid to exfoliate.

  • Clarifying face mask + spot melting boost: My face was on the verge of erupting with several pimples and this mask stopped them in their tracks. The melting boosters in this case make total sense because they are little glycolic acid and witch hazel domes you can put right on pimples. In the mask, you have shiso, ginger, and honey, which all have antiseptic properties. This was so effective at cleaning up my skin in a soothing, not harsh or drying whatsoever way.
  • Hydrating face mask: No boosters with this one, just quite a bit of hyaluronic acid. It wasn't my favorite.

  • Renewal eye mask: a targeted mask for the undereyes. It is good if you need a bit of hydration in that area but the plethora of plant extracts aren't likely to do much for you otherwise.
  • Exfoliating foot mask: AMAZING. Keeping my feet soft and smooth is a constant challenge in the winter. I hate sloughing off dead skin. This mask comes in little booties and contains glycolic and lactic acids to gently remove dead skin while moisturizing and softening with shea butter, avocado, and coconut oils.

  • Hydrating hand mask: a joy for the winter, as well. It comes in plastic gloves that are lined with shea butter and plant oils. I preferred the foot mask but if you have dry hands, it's worth trying this, too.
Overall, my favorites were the clarifying mask, the brightening mask, and the foot mask. I will be purchasing the clarifying mask + boosters to whip out at the slightest sign of pimple and I think the foot mask will be a regular Sunday night ritual.


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