Review: Derek Lam 10 Crosby Perfume Sample Set

I am fond of sample sets that showcase the whole line of a particular house. It's kind of like listening to all the songs on an album - fun to see how they fit together. With the Derek Lam fragrances, I've not been terribly impressed by the quality. They are fairly simple scents, but all too often lacking finesse. I do give them credit for range - there is something for nearly everyone here and no scent overly resembled the other. And, I did find one that I really liked.

In no particular order, here are my impressions of each one:

Silent St: A wonderful sweet, clean musk with impressive longevity. One of the best I've tried in this genre and a real temptation to purchase.

Looking Glass: Smells like a generic fruitchouli to me. Not bad. If you enjoy Chanel Coco Mademoiselle or Flowerbomb, it's worth a try.

Hi-Fi: Watery, high-pitched florals - a sharper peony than I'm used to. Lots of lily of the valley, too.

Drunk on Youth: Bright and fruity. A tart, sweet, indiscriminate fruit note predominates the opening and rapidly dies. A very faint honeysuckle note limps into the drydown.

Afloat: A washed out white floral. Mimosa and orris, the ad type says. Laundry and fake gardenia, Fragrant Foodie says.  Ah, wait - here comes the drydown. A sweet mimosa and resinous orris creep slowly into evidence, and I like it. Too bad about that awful air freshener opening, though.

Rain Day: Punchy neroli that dissipates all too soon,  followed by a green, slightly smoky vetiver

Something Wild: A sweet cedar that smells kind of pointy, somehow. One of the longer-lasting scents in this assortment.

Ellipsis: Sultry jasmine and sandalwood tragically befouled by an odd sour note that I can't place

Blackout: Very spicy in a generic sense - I can't pick out any recognizable notes. Gets milder and sweeter in the drydown.

2AM Kiss: Sweet, dark vanilla with some salty amber. If you like salted caramel, you'll enjoy the opening of this one. However, the drydown has a jarring and awful aquatic note that I find an odd pairing with the candy-sweets.


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