Review: Sephora Rose Face Mask

My sampling experiences with the Sephora sheet mask line have not been particularly positive, but I really liked this one in Rose. It purports to have a moisturizing and brightening effect on the skin, and my skin found it quite soothing. When I chose to use it, I had a few small spots of what I thought might be emergent pimples around my lips. I was initially tempted to do a clarifying mask, but on closer examination I thought they might be a product of stressed skin rather than hormones or clogged pores. I used the Rose mask and then went to bed. In the morning, my spots were gone and my skin looked nicely hydrated. I'm puzzled, though, because when I look at the ingredients, I don't see anything exceptional in this one. The rose extract that gives this mask its name is almost last on the ingredients list, which means there is hardly any of it in there. It has something called mushroom extract higher on the list but I hesitate to give all credit to something so mysterious. What I suspect happened here is that my skin happened to really need the glycerin and water that predominates in all of the Sephora masks, so it just worked out well in this instance.
That said, if I were going to buy any of the Sephora masks I've tried again, the Rose would have to be the one. They are only $6, after all.


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