Review: Sephora Pomegranate Sheet Mask

I just had an epic work week and my skin was as dull and tired as the rest of me, so, this pomegranate mask with its purported energizing qualities seemed just the thing. Pomegranates are chock full of antioxidants, which are just the thing for tired skin. In terms of other stuff, it has the same filler ingredients as the other masks in the line, including water, glycerin, castor oil, and aloe vera juice. What they add to this one to make it "awakening" is the pomegranate extract, a mushroom extract, and goldenrod extract. Unfortunately, the distinctive ingredients in these masks tend to fall in the middle or at the end of the ingredients list, which leads me to suspect they really aren't adding much to change the effect each mask will have on your skin.  I saw no difference at all with this one, other than a bit more hydration from all of the water and glycerin that my skin was exposed to.

I am a little over halfway through my journey through Sephora's house line of sheet masks, and it's difficult to muster the enthusiasm to continue through the ones I've not yet tried.  (I've already sampled AlgaeAvocado, and Lotus.)  I still have Orchid and Rose to go. Here's hoping they are better than the others.  These retail for $6 each at Sephora.


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