Review: Dr. Dennis Gross Firming Peptide Milk

I'm really taking a second look at the Dr. Dennis Gross skincare line lately. They are no-nonsense, serious products with reasonable, mid-range prices and no-fuss, practical packaging. I'm now 3/4 of the way through this bottle of Firming Peptide Milk and really like it. It is chock full of skin-improving ingredients and after using it for a few months every morning, I have seen a marked improvement in skin elasticity. I apply it after my toner and follow with moisturizer and sunscreen. Note that sunscreen is NOT optional with this because it has RETINOL in it. They don't exactly advertise this but it's clear on the ingredient list. Using retinol without sunscreen is a recipe for skin damage, so buyer beware. Otherwise, the ingredients are an interesting mix of man-made scientifically proven skin improvers and more experimental natural ingredients. In addition to the tetrapeptides that help a lot with skin firmness, you have botanical extracts like arnica, cucumber, radish, resveratrol, and coconut water. These may help - they may not. The only extra I'd like to add to the Firming Peptide Milk is a nice antioxidant brew. Otherwise, it's just about perfect.  Retail price is $65 and a full bottle should last you several months with daily use.


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