Review: Darphin Aromatic Cleansing Balm with Rosewood

If you want to try a luxurious, wonderfully scented and remarkably effective cleanser, you would be hard-pressed to go awry with this one from Darphin.  It is hideously expensive - $45 for a 40 ml pot. However, I have enjoyed using it so much, I have no doubt that I'll be buying more.
The balm is a kind of waxy cream texture. It smells like nothing else I've sniffed - an herbal, woodsy blend of marula oil, sage, ylang, and rosewood. The ingredients are nothing too magical; mostly, they are a blend of glycerin and oils that solidify at room temperature. I find that they combine to great effect, though. To use this, I scoop out a nickel-sized dab and rub between wet palms. You'll find it starts to emulsify immediately. I then massage all over my face.  I use this as a second cleanser.  It works as a first cleanser/make-up remover, but I have to use an amount that makes me shudder.  As a second cleanser, it is lovely at picking up any stray oil cleanser that remains on my skin and making it feel perfectly clean and toned.  No tightness, no irritation, no residue.  I bought mine at Space NK, but they appear to have discontinued Darphin in the meantime (why???).  Your best bet to try this now would probably be to purchase from Darphin directly.


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