Review: Costes 2 Eau de Toilette

This light, fluffy fragrance has Olivia Giacobetti written all over it. It's the second in the Hotel Costes fragrance line and is a far cry from its airy, sandalwood and lavender sibling, the original Costes. The black bottle is a bit misleading. It is in no way dark or severe.  Costes 2 opens with a dispersed cloud of vanilla benzoin.  Sniff a little deeper and you encounter a subtle cinnamon edge. Let it dry down a bit and you will find the most delicate use of gaiac I have ever encountered. There is purportedly rose and orange blossom in here, but I've yet to find them. Costes 2 is a great choice if you want a gourmand that won't make you smell like actual food. Its only flaw is that in making it so ethereal, Giacobetti necessarily sacrifices longevity. You will probably find respritzing is necessary after a few hours. At $80 for a 50 ml bottle, it's pretty reasonably priced for a niche perfume.


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