Review: Sephora Cream Lip Stain in #13 Marvelous Mauve

The texture of Sephora's line of cream lip stains is absolutely unlike anything I have ever tried before. It goes on creamy and effortlessly smooth. The pigmentation is as rich as can be. It dries down matte and completely budge-proof. And it is absolutely a joy to wear - it's not drying, and it's so smooth and thin on the lips that I didn't even notice I was wearing lip color. This product was nothing short of revelatory for me - until I looked in the mirror.
Unfortunately, once it does dry, even though it does not feel remotely drying, it makes my lips appear as parched as the Sahara. I think it's because of the matte finish and the fact that it is such a thin layer of product. Every little lip imperfection shows through.  If my lips were less war-torn, I would probably have had more success.
And oh, how I wish they were - because did I mention this product did not budge?
I drank a glass of water and a glass of wine while wearing this and I experienced no fading or patchiness whatsoever. Looking at the rims of the glasses from which I drank, there was no color left behind. It was not until I consumed food that had some oil in it that I noticed my lips need a reapplication. But even then, the fading was quite subtle. Oil, by the way, is key to removal. You'll want to use an oil cleanser or a biphasic makeup remover to get this off, because otherwise you'll be scrubbing in frustration.
If your lips are relatively flawless and you want to try this out - and I recommend that you do - it can be had at Sephora for a reasonable $14.00.


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