Review: Sephora Algae Face Mask

Yes, that's right: algae. Not very appetizing, is it?  Especially not compared to the other two Sephora masks I tried recently, Lotus and Avocado.  This mask claims to be detoxifying and purifying, and I grabbed it after I woke up with a bit of a hangover and dull, tired skin. Ingredients-wise, it has the same base as the other masks in the line that I tried: glycerin and water, with a bit of rice extract. To this for the algae mask, they've added brown algae extract for antioxidants, and magnolia and willow extracts for "purification".  They don't say whether they are using magnolia buds or bark, which is a shame because they are very different and used for different purposes. The bud is a pretty well known skin whitening agent, while the bark is sometimes used homeopathically for anxiety or depression. The willow makes more sense - I'm going to assume they're using the bark - because it is a known anti-inflammatory.
In any case, I opened up the sheet mask and applied for the recommended 15 minutes. It has an artificial floral scent that is a bit off-putting, so just a note on that if you are sensitive to fragrance. Then I rubbed in the extra into my skin and waited for results. I checked my appearance after a few hours and I was more pleased with the algae mask than the others. It had a noticeable effect on my skin's appearance, with a subtle brightening effect. So, that's good - especially for $6.00. On the other hand, there are other products out there that have a much greater effect for me when my skin's looking dull and tired, such as the Repair Healing Mask by Osmosis.


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