Review: Skinceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF50

This is my holy grail of sunscreens, folks. I don't know why it's taken me so long to actually devote a review to it, as many times as I've mentioned it in passing. I've been using it for years and have gone through many bottles. I've tried a lot of other products but am never tempted to stray. Here is what I love about it:

  • It's tinted! On lazy days, applying this gives me just enough light coverage to blur imperfections and get away with no makeup.
  • It's thin. A very lightweight fluid that is very easy to spread around the whole face and absorbs quickly.
  • It's physical. No chemical blockers in here. I've noticed that chemical sunscreens tend to make my face greasy and dull.
  • It's SPF 50, which means great coverage and NO sunburn.
  • It doesn't interfere with makeup. I wait a few minutes after applying to let it set a bit and then proceed with my makeup as usual. I think this actually acts as a primer quite well.
Now, the one downside is that it's by Skinceuticals and that means it's kind of expensive. A 1.7 oz bottle costs $34, but considering that it will last a few months and will help keep wrinkles and melanoma away, I think that's well worth it.


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