Review: Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oil is one of those products that I will never be without. I simply must have a bottle in my shower to remove my make-up for a first cleanse, and I love trying lots of different brands. It's pretty rare that I find a cleansing oil to truly dislike (Josie Maran was one). They do tend to be fairly pricey. For reasons I don't understand, drugstore brands haven't really embraced them the way middle and high-end brands have.  Walk into any department store and you'll be hard-pressed to find a skincare line that doesn't offer a cleansing oil - or two, or three. Not so at the drugstore. So, I was quite pleased to see this Simple product at my local CVS recently. It's more reasonably priced than any other cleansing oil I've tried (12.99), so I purchased a bottle to try.
The verdict is that it's ok, but I won't be trading in my Shu Uemura or DHC for Simple any time soon. Let's start with the packaging. I don't need anything pretty or fancy from a drugstore brand, but I do value functionality. This bottle has a flip up cap - no pump. I've never used one without a pump before and I immediately saw the wisdom in packaging it with a pump. Cleansing oil is slippery!  And if you get a little bit on the outside, coupled with wet fingers, it can be really darn difficult to open that thing.
Once you get it out, it performs fairly well. It takes my make-up off for the most part (I get any remnants with a second cleanse). It has no scent and has caused no irritation. I do feel the need to use a second cleanser afterward because I detect a little bit of residue on my skin. It doesn't rinse totally clean.  That's a negative because most oil cleansers I've tried do a good job of rinsing away.  However, I think that at this price point, the Simple is a perfectly acceptable product.


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