Review: Sephora Lotus Mask

Sheet masks are all the rage these days and Sephora has gotten into the mix with its own line. I picked up a bunch to try and the first I sampled is Lotus. Lotus purports to be moisturizing and soothing - just what my skin needs now that the weather has turned cold and dry. It has a few things in it to back up those claims. The first ingredient is water. It also has aloe, castor oil (take note, those who are acne-prone), rice extract (a favorite in a lot of Asian skincare lines), and of course, lotus flower extract, which has long been used homeopathically to soothe internally.

So, how does it work?  I've never been a big fan of the experience of sheet masks. They feel cold and slimy, and I cringe a little whenever I apply one. Not to mention, you look like a serial killer for the 10-15 minutes that you leave it on. So, the benefits had better be worth it. Sephora's Lotus was not. I noticed no difference in my skin at all and actually, I didn't find it to be hydrating enough. Within a few hours of applying, I was looking for my moisturizer. I didn't have any negative reaction to it but neither did I see any positive change. The only consolation is that these things are affordable enough to be worth the experiment - only $6 each.


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