Review: Oscar Blandi Dry Heat Protect Spray

Whenever I use heat tools on my hair, it often ends up dry and fried. I have tried all manner of cream and oil-based heat protectants but they just don't get the job done. When I saw this dry version from Oscar Blandi, I thought, why not?  It purports to protect up to 450 degrees and contains keratin, which seems like a good thing to put on your hair right before you apply heat.  It also wasn't that expensive - I think this bottle cost me less than $10.
I tried this while blow drying my hair and using a curling iron. Upon application, it reminded me a lot of dry shampoo. It is an aerosol spray and was very hard to tell how much I should use to get the right coverage.  I tried both a lot and a little. I must say, I didn't notice much difference in protection with any amount. My hair wound up just as dry, but when I used a lot of this spray it also turned lank and weighed down.  Definitely not a hit for me.


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