Review: Nars Lip Gloss in Como

My first Nars lip gloss was a low-risk acquisition: it was a gift with purchase. Still, looking at that lovely rose pink with tiny golden shimmer, I was as eager to try it as if I'd used my own pennies to buy it. The packaging is standard Nars - simple, with clean lines and signature matte black. The brush twists easily out of the tube, but it's kind of an odd brush. Small and pointy and just a bit too long and flexible. I think I'd prefer a more familiar doefoot. The formula is nothing to write home about, though the color of this one - Como - is beautiful. It's a sticky formula, so if that bothers you, stick to Becca and Chanel. I found it fairly opaque for a lip gloss, as you can see in the swatch. It does not last at all, so be prepared to re-apply. It has no scent other than a generic chemical sort of smell. They clearly didn't add any fragrance or flavoring. It could use with a little something, though, for me. Mint would be my preference, but I also like MAC's vanilla well enough. All in all - I'm glad I didn't buy it. Particularly as these babies run you $26 each.


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