Review: Memoire Liquide #309 Amber Musk

Memoire Liquide makes it really difficult to order its bespoke fragrances if you don't live near a storefront. They don't have most of them on their website. I received a sample of Amber Musk from a friend and went wild for it, but then had to email them to order. It's totally worth it, though. Memoire Liquide's description of this one contains notes that I don't normally like, and I'd never have sought this one out on my own. Amber - meh. Honey - bleh. Musk - ok, but mostly meh.  It may surprise you to know that I don't really smell much of these things. Rather, I smell a gentle anise twined with a soft, sweet musk. It completely lacks the urine note that I always get with honey, and it also lacks any sort of resinous note that I normally associate with amber. The closest amber that I can compare it to is that in Hermes Ambre Narguile.  There is no real evolution - the drydown is much the same as the opening. It is a soft cloud of sillage around me that lasts about half the day (I do need to respritz at that point). I paid about $45 for it because I ordered during a 2 for 1 special. Normally, this bottle would cost $90.


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