Review: Guerlain Teazzurra

Most of the fragrances I own are wearable regardless of the season. They may subtly change in which notes are more amplified, but they work whether it's hot or cold, humid or dry.  Teazzurra is one of those perfumes that does not.  In the summertime, Teazzurra is wonderful. It's a crisp explosion of citrus top notes - yuzu, lime and bergamot - followed by astringent, herbal green tea. There is a lush, slightly indolic jasmine in the base and a hint of ozone. It's very refreshing and the base lingers all day, blooming in the heat. However. In the winter, Teazzurra is, frankly, awful. It emits an unpleasant, bug spray-like scent. The jasmine in the cold, dry air becomes artificial and the ozone takes on a metallic edge. The citrus notes, while still bracing, shrivel in the cold. In all, thoroughly unpleasant. Back on the shelf it goes until June.  It will look great there because it has the typical gorgeous Guerlain packaging.


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