Review: Aveda Brilliant Retexturing Gel

Continuing my Aveda haircare binge, here is the styling gel that I use in conjunction with the Aveda Curl Enhancer. Like all things Aveda, it's plant-based. It smells very strongly like the Whole Foods beauty department, which is to say, full of essential oils. It's a bit off-putting for me, but if that's your thing, you'll like this. Its performance is good. I have thick, unruly curls and I apply this after the Aveda Curl Enhancer. Its texture is a thick jelly that is easy to work through the hair. I let it air dry. The gel provides good hold without feeling crunchy. It also lasts well for second day hair. I think if you had fine hair, this might be too heavy, but for dampening down considerable volume and frizz, it works a charm. I've been through about half of this tube so far and I am confident I will finish it. However, I don't think I'll repurchase. The scent is annoying enough that it's prompted me to look for other options, and I have a Kiehls product waiting in the wings to review that I think might fit the bill. Stay tuned!


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