Review: Zelens Z Pure Cleansing Liquid Balm

I've long been curious about Zelens products but they are so prohibitively expensive that I haven't wanted to spring for anything. Until now - Space NK had this cleanser reduced to $40 (down from a whopping $80). I am rather partial to cleansing oil to remove my make up and this sounded a lot like that, but slightly different. I've never heard of a cleanser described as "liquid balm" before. It's slightly thicker than my Shu Uemura cleansing oil but thinner than my DHC, if that helps you. I apply this to my face dry and then wash off. It gets most of my make up and sunscreen in one go and rinses off for the most part. However, I do feel a bit filmy if I don't use a second cleanser after this. It is very nourishing and non-drying, but the downside to that is that it rather likes to stick around. This would not be a good choice for anyone who is breakout-prone, in my opinion, because the clogging potential seems pretty high. If you have dry skin, though, you're more likely to love it.  Overall, while I do like it and will use it up, it is not my favorite cleanser in the world and I am gobsmacked at the thought of paying full price for it. That is just not happening.


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