Review: Etro Rajasthan Eau de Parfum

This is a warm, spicy fragrance that is marvelous in its restraint. When you think of a spicy oriental perfume, typically wildly exuberant scents come to mind. Certainly when you look at Rajasthan's bottle, you expect a certain vividness. The bold paisley print calls out for a vivacious fragrance, but it is a mismatch. That aside, I really like Rajasthan. It opens with almond and rose edged with a hint of pink pepper. It is initially a bit powdery but that dampens with wear. The drydown comes out very slowly and in tiny stages. Each stage reveals a little bit more amber, a little more musk. Ultimately, you wind up with a smooth, mildly spiced amber and musk concoction that is both alluring and soothing. Really, my only complaints revolve around the packaging. The Etro bottles only come in 100 ml sizes, which is just kind of ridiculous when you have a lot of perfume. I prefer to buy 50 ml or less. Second, as lovely as the bottle looks, it's not very well made. I've had it for about 6 months and the front label has developed dark patches, presumably from the adhesive. That's a touch disappointing, but not enough to dampen my enjoyment of the perfume itself, which is excellent.


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