Review: Caudalie Divine Legs

I embrace my paleness. I do. But I'm reaching the age at which the paleness accentuates things like spider veins, the scars I've accumulated over the years, and dimples. Of course, I never remember to apply self-tanner the night before I intend to wear a skirt or dress. This is where Caudalie Divine Legs comes in handy. It is a tinted oil-gel (they call it a lotion but it does not seem lotion-y to me at all). You see the color right away, no waiting for it to develop. This means you can also see if there are any patchy spots and correct them before you walk out the door. I apply it about ten minutes before I get dressed and have never had it transfer to my clothing.  It washes off in the shower, though, so if you do a midday workout, beware. On top of these other benefits, I find it smells lovely and is moisturizing, to boot. The only downside? It's $38 - significantly more than Jergens.

Below, you'll see an image of it blended out (top of my wrist/forearm) and globbed on to show the natural color. (Not orange!)


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