Review: Arcona Raspberry Clarifying Pads

Seasonal changes tend to wreak havoc on my skin and now that Virginia has pivoted briskly toward fall, I'm experiencing more breakouts than usual. These Arcona pads have soothing witch hazel, exfoliating salicyclic acid, antibacterial tea tree leaf oil, and raspberry extract that is supposed to be antimicrobial but that I think is just helpful in making this concoction not smell totally awful. It actually smells fruity and pleasant. I take one pad each evening when I can sense discord brewing in my epidermis and swipe it all over my face, followed by a lightweight moisturizer. These pads are gentle and non-drying and they have definitely helped fend off pimples. $36 for a jar of 45 is not awful (though I do wish they'd give you more for that price).


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