Review: Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Stoked and Perfect Wave

The Lipstick Queen Endless Summer line is a limited edition line of sheer, glossy lipsticks that contain SPF 15. They've sold out of a bunch of places (it being the end of summer, already) but I picked mine up for a whopping $5 each on clearance at Space NK.  I'm glad that's all I paid for these because I'm not thrilled with the purchase. I like sheer lipsticks and they're about all my lips can handle right now because I'm having a terribly dry, patchy phase. More pigmented lipsticks tend to get caught in all the cracks and fissures (great visual, I know) and appear generally uneven and gross.  I've relied heavily on MAC Huggables and Chantecaille Lip Chics to get me through it. I thought the Endless Summer lipsticks would be similar, but they are just a touch too pigmented. The colors are lovely, as you can see in the swatches. Stoked (top) is a coral red and Perfect Wave (bottom) a bubblegum pink. Both were flattering on my cool complexion. Unfortunately, they did highlight the dryness that I have going on right now and seemed to exacerbate it a bit despite the balmy texture that they appear to have. Not even the glossiness of the finish could hide that problem. I'll probably put them away and try them again when I've gotten my lips under control, but for now, they're a no-go.


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