Review: Bumble & Bumble Don't Blow It

Bumble and Bumble have tapped into every woman's hair fantasy: a magical product that you can apply to freshly washed, wet hair that makes it dry in a lovely, tamed style with no heat tools needed. At least, that's what they claim to be producing with Don't Blow It. I had fairly high hopes it might work for me when wearing my hair curly because I don't use heat in those instances anyway. Alas, I haven't had much luck with it. Because I consider it a styling cream, I applied it after my leave-in but without any additional gels or mousse for hold. This was a mistake. I found that it tamed my frizz and curls slightly but not nearly enough to satisfy me. It seemed to "loosen" the curls to be more wavy, but on me this just wound up looking rather lank and odd. In subsequent usages, I followed it up with either a styling gel or hairspray after shaping the curls with my fingers. This worked much better, but it did leave me to wonder, why on earth would I need this?  I can get the exact same results with just my leave-in and the styling gel. The answer is, I don't need it at all. Unfortunately, it does not live up to the ad copy.


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