Review: Becca Ultimate Colour Gloss in Flamingo Crush

These Becca lip glosses are a favorite of mine. I saw this color, Flamingo Crush, on sale recently and decided to add it to my collection. It is a vibrant, cool, red-based pink. It has very decent pigmentation and makes my lips about as bright as I am comfortable with. The Becca glosses, in general, are very comfortable to wear. They aren't sticky and have a pleasant vanilla scent much like MAC lipsticks. Being a gloss, don't expect them to stick around very long. But it's a gloss - you expect to reapply those fairly often, right? I'm quite happy with the purchase. I've found that my lips are quite dry lately and glosses are more forgiving on all the pits and peeling than lipsticks. For reviews of Becca Ultimate Color Gloss in other colors, see here and here.


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