Review: Alterna Caviar CC Cream Extra Hold

I like the original Alterna CC Cream as a hydrating leave-in but I need to use styling gel with it because it provides very little hold for my curls. When I saw this one with EXTRA hold, I got very excited and snatched it up to try. As regular readers will know, finding a product that provides sufficient hold along with hydration is something of a holy grail quest for me. So, I washed my hair and applied this, shaping the curls with my fingers per my usual routine, and let it air dry. I was amazed at the results. My hair looked perfect when all was said and done. The curls were defined but not stiff, I had volume, and I had no frizz. Sounds great, right?  On the surface, it was. The problem came with texture. The "extra hold" made my hair feel shellacked even though it didn't look it. Trying to maneuver it into any ponytail or twist for work was impossible. And the worst thing, when I washed it out, I found my hair was dry, dry, dry. The usual CC Cream is hydrating; somehow when they put in the "extra hold", they engineered the opposite effect. My last complaint: the size of the tube. It's a paltry 2.5 oz and does not come in a larger size. It costs $25, which is reasonable for Alterna, but that tiny tube would have me re-buying it every two weeks. I find that annoying.


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