Review: Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser

OK, let's get this out of the way. This cleanser is 4.2 fl oz and it costs $62. No, not $26. $62. I agree, it is outrageous. That didn't stop me from buying it and probably won't stop me from repurchasing when I run out. Tata Harper is a new brand to me but I really like what I see so far. Let's start with the packaging. A solid, green GLASS bottle with heft and a smooth pump.  I approve enthusiastically. As for the contents, it's oil-based though not an oil cleanser per se. The texture is more like a gel. It has all sorts of lovely plant extracts, kaolin clay, and fruit enzymes. The directions say to spread it on the skin like a mask and let sit for a minute (letting those enzymes go to work like a mini-treatment). I do this after I have gotten all of my make up off with an oil cleanser. It's wonderful. Rinses off cleanly and makes my skin feel clean and balanced. This is a great cleanser to use before applying a serum or treatment because the fruit enzymes will dissolve any dead surface skin cells, letting the serum penetrate more easily. If you wear make up and sunscreen, this will not be enough to use on its own - you'll want to use an oil cleanser or make up remover to get all that gunk off before you treat your skin to this loveliness. I don't tend to use it everyday, just when I feel my skin could use an extra cleansing boost.


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