Review: Guerlain Eau de Beaute Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar waters have exploded in the US market, and with good reason. They take make-up off with ease and leave no icky residue. They are usually great for sensitive skin and are non-clogging.  Bioderma is the original gold standard but a lot of other brands have come out with their own spin. I couldn't resist trying this Guerlain version because it looked so luxe - or as luxe as a micellar water can look. The packaging is a step up from Bioderma and my other favorite, Koh Gen Do. It feels substantial and it has a nice gold cap with a well-designed pump. The contents of the bottle are less appealing. It is certainly micellar water and it does a good job of removing make-up. However, Guerlain has chosen to add a rather strong fragrance to its water and I don't relish putting it on my face. On top of all that, it's multiple times more expensive than Bioderma - $59 for 200 ml, whereas you can get Bioderma for $17 for 500 ml. I'll use up the bottle I have but this won't be a repurchase.


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