Review: YSL Vinyl Couture Mascara in Trouble Blue

Normally, I pay no mind to the latest colored mascara. My experiences with colored mascaras have always been poor; while they may seem vibrant and cool upon first application, they just dry down to a dark color on my lashes, not as dark as black but not discernible as anything else, either. But then I received YSL's new Vinyl Couture mascara in this astonishing blue hue as a GWP and it begged to be sampled. Application was a dream. The densely bristled brush is my favorite kind, easily coating every lash and yielding excellent definition with no clumps. The color is amazing; I have dark brown lashes that were thoroughly coated in this azure blue color. And guess what?  It STAYED BLUE. It did get marginally darker but I daringly wore it to work last week and it was perfect. From far away, you don't really notice the blue, but one of my coworkers took a good look at my face while I was standing under a light that afternoon and gasped. "I LOVE your mascara!", she said. That's when I knew this one was a winner. Even better is the fact that I have NO smudging with this mascara and it's very easy to take off.
Just one word of caution: if you have sensitive eyes, you may wish to sample this on a day when you'll be able to take it off easily if it bothers you. I don't often experience irritation with eye make up, but this mascara did make my eyes itch.


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