Review: YSL Cinema Eau de Parfum

To me, Cinema is a sultry summer nights, bombshell of a perfume. You don't wear this to work. You don't wear this to drop the kids off at school. You wear this along with a sexy dress and high heels to a moonlit garden party. I would classify Cinema as a floral vanilla. The vanilla is ever present but doesn't ever go gourmand because of the strength of the florals. I smell a lot of almond blossom and jasmine, along with a musky floral scent I usually associate with mimosa. ( Just for the record, YSL says that Cinema contains cyclamen, almond blossom, clementine, peony, jasmine, amaryllis, amber, vanilla, and musk.)  It lasts forever; one spritz at night is still going strong the next morning. The jasmine really blooms with wear and the almond blossom in the drydown goes boozy, almost like the rootbeer-almond accord in Acqua di Parma's Mandorlo di Sicilia. Cinema reminds me very much of the sadly discontinued Boucheron Trouble, which is now nearly impossible to find in EDP form. If you're jonesing for some Trouble, I'd try Cinema; it's still readily available at the reputable discounters for reasonable prices.


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