Review: Avene Eau Thermale Mineral Sunscreen Spf50

Hopefully by now everyone knows that sunscreen is an absolute must for the skincare routine. It's not OK to rely on any spf in moisturizers or foundation - you're never going to use enough of those to provide the full protective benefit. But finding a sunscreen to use on your face that doesn't create a white cast, greasiness, or problems with your make-up can be really challenging. I find that chemical sunscreens, in particular, tend to make my skin look dull and oily, so I stay away from them. Mineral sunscreens, though, can act as a really good make-up primer if you can find one that doesn't make you look like Casper. If you are still on the hunt for that magic unicorn, I would suggest giving this Avene sunscreen a try. It is incredibly lightweight and goes on clear. I do not have any issues with my make-up or oiliness when I use it, nor do I get any irritation or break-outs. At SPF50, it provides an excellent shielding benefit and because it is mineral it will last all day if you are careful not to rub your face.


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