Review: Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer

A good eyeshadow primer can make or break even the most well-applied eyeshadow look - and I am far from a skilled make up artist.  I had high hopes for Too Faced Shadow Insurance because it gets rave reviews AND it comes in a tube, which is my favorite form of packaging. It feels a bit greasy on application and even though I let it dry, I still felt like my lids were oily when I put on eyeshadow, which caused my brushes to get a bit gunky. Shadow application was good with this primer and I got a very smooth finish. It does extend the life of your eyeshadow, but the oilies caused some of my looks to crease. Since my lids tend to be a bit oily to begin with, this primer probably isn't a great match for me, as I tend to think it adds to the problem. Also, the longer I used it, the more I had cause for another complaint: the stuff separates and you squirt out nothing but oil unless you vigorously shake the tube for a few minutes.


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