Review: MTJ High Definition Mascara

This is one of those obscure brand mascaras I received in some subscription box long ago and finally got around to trying. It retails for around $20. Immediately upon opening it I was intrigued by the brush.  I have never seen that design before. It looks like some kind of landscaped shrub, with ever wider spheres of bristles as you move away from the tip. Applying mascara with this brush was a DREAM. I have never had an easier application experience, so a huge thumbs up for shrub brush. The formula itself was also very promising initially. My lashes almost looked false, such was the length and definition that this mascara delivered. Not so much on the volume, though, and the big test for me is always how it looks after a few hours because I am ridiculously smudge-prone. Unfortunately, by midday my doll lashes were mirrored by raccon-like smudges under my eyes. Not a good look, regardless of how long your lashes look. If you are not prone to smudges, I would recommend giving this a try, both for the novelty of the brush and the very flattering results.


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