Review: Ole Henriksen Vitamin Plus Mattifying Creme

There comes a point in the Washington DC area when spring fresh air gives way to the stifling humidity of summer. We're not there temperature-wise yet, but the moist air has moved in anyway. Consequently, I've started to find that my skin is a bit oily and my makeup has been pooling in my pores (gross). I started looking around for a good summer moisturizer and I found it in this Ole Henriksen creme. Vitamin Plus is lightweight and mattifying, thanks to the oat flour mixed in. I apply it after my Vitamin C serum and before my sunscreen. It keeps the oil at bay without completely drying out my face and also provides some nourishment to the skin thanks to the antioxidants and aloe included. A 1.7 oz jar - which I am quite confident will last me until the end of summer, and then some - is a reasonable $45. My only complaint is the jar packaging. With skincare, I really prefer a tube or pump to avoid bacterial contamination in the product.


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